The Thalidomide Association (Conterganverein) visits the FabLab

The Thalidomide Association (Conterganverein) visits the FabLab

For the second time we worked together with members of the Thalidomide
Association in the FabLab on 30.09. The aim of the workshop is to create tools that can make everyday life easier for thalidomide-damaged people.

Impression of the Thermomix handle

We focused on the 3D scanner and the 3D printer.

Here are the results of the workshop:

1. An extended key handle

A custom-made key handle was scanned and reproduced in the 3D printer, allowing thalidomide-damaged people to use conventional locks.

The key handle

2. An extended hairbrush handle

Another approach was to design a lighter alternative aid to using a hairbrush, which poses a major challenge due to the shortened extremities of thalidomide victims. Here, as an alternative to a heavy metal tube, a 3D print was generated and thus a largely hollow (and thus light) alternative.

Extended hairbrush handle

3. A precise foot grip for the Thermomix

In order to make it possible to operate a Thermomix with the feet, the handle was first scanned to reproduce the exact contour in order to generate a custom-made adapter. This adapter was manufactured as an additive and can be further individualized.

The Thermomix foot grip
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