REHACARE 2019 is over – a retroperspective

REHACARE 2019 is over – a retroperspective

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The project manager of Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4, Lukas Hellwig, gave an interview to REHACARE employee Anne Hofmann about the goals of EL4. The whole interview (in ‘German) can be read on the REHACARE website:
FabLabs: Teaching digital skills and thus promoting participation

Last week our project Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 was represented with a stand at the REHACARE trade – the international trade fair for rehabilitation and care.

Our stand shortly before the start of the fair in the morning

From Wednesday to Saturday we welcomed many visitors and had many interesting conversations. The project idea of Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 was extremely well received and was met with lively interest and much approval.

Many visitors were interested in our tools made on the 3D printer. The approach to produce individual aids for people with disabilities with the help of a 3D printer convinced almost everyone.

Interested booth visitors

The virtual reality application for wheelchair users impressed those who tried it out themselves.

Virtual reality control for wheelchair users

But the undisputed star was our robot Pepper. The visitors felt very quickly attracted by his friendly appearance and his movements. Many people reacted very emotionally and had long conversations with Pepper. Pepper was also able to put a smile on the face of many people very quickly.

Many discussions about the project Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 resulted from the initial contact with Pepper. He was a real door opener!

Pepper in action

All in all, the trade fair presence was a success for the project. We were able to communicate our project contents to the visitors in an understandable and positive way and received positive feedbacks through and through. Some of the contacts could also lead to interesting joint projects in the future. The fair really did pay off!

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