Opening of the Mini-FabLab in the Rheinbaben workshop

Opening of the Mini-FabLab in the Rheinbaben workshop

A further contribution to one of the main objectives of the Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 project has been made. The Mini-FabLab in the Rheinbabenwerkstatt of the Bottroper Werkstätten was successfully opened.

We have installed several computers, 3D printers and a vinyl cutter in a wonderfully furnished room in the Rheinbabenwerkstatt. The technology is now available to all employees on site. People with disabilities can produce aids independently for their everyday life and their workplace.

The first aids (e.g. gripping aids or holders for drinking cups) have already been printed and are available on memory cards – ready to be printed. The handicapped employees have contributed to the preparation of the instruction manuals in simple language, in order to enable everyone to operate the printers independently.

The proximity to technology and the understanding of the connections will certainly lead to many ideas which will make life easier for the handicapped employees.

With the opening ceremony and the workshops on site we have successfully started the Mini-FabLab. The response of all participants was throughout positive. A few impressions of the celebration:

The NRZ reports about the opening (German language):
HRW trains disabled people on a 3-D printer at Diakonie

And here you can find a report on the website of the Diakonische Werke (German language):
Bottrop workshops offer employees with disabilities participation in digitization

Hier ein Bericht auf der Website der Diankonischen Werke:
Bottroper Werkstätten bieten Beschäftigten mit Behinderungen Teilhabe an der Digitalisierung[tt_news]=254&cHash=60fa9f2b41387d03282020bfad82277a

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