Based on the experience of matrix Gruppe in structuring and accompanying lasting networks, we support the project with our know-how in innovation consultations and management. With numerous social projects, matrix is ​​committed to helping people to live and work in a more self-determined way.

As the responsible body of the state office of the joint initiative “Zukunft durch Innovation.NRW” (zdi) – an initiative for the promotion of young scientists in NRW, matrix is ​​in charge of  the management and quality assurance of a network in which more than 4,000 partners are regionally involved.

In addition, matrix supports the Aktion Mensch in the nationwide development and implementation of the model initiative “Kommune Inklusiv“.

In the project “HelpCamps” within the framework of the BMBF program “Innovation Forums Mittelstand”, matrix brought people with disabilities for the first time together with traditional aid producers, medical supply companies and makers in order to jointly develop new aids.

In Emscher-Lippe4, matrix will transfer and further improve the ideas and network approaches developed in the HelpCamps project into the Emscher-Lippe area, as well as promote the implementation of a series of small pilot projects for the joint development of exemplary technical aids.

The initial idea that people with disabilities develop individual aids for themselves in exchange with orthopedic craftsmen, medical supply companies, FabLabs and other interested parties.

For this purpose, the project will create a physical location in the region as a local point of contact, workshop, research laboratory, platform and market place where interested parties can exchange and develop ideas, help and support each other. The named groups will be provided with technical possibilities, consulting and training there in order to implement exemplary tools together.