Intelligent socket

Intelligent socket

Results course “Embedded Systems”
Single project 16/17

The intelligent Power Socket is a device which allows severely handicapped persons to operate electronic devices easily. It resembles “Smart Home”-applications where all devices are controllable. Its use is simple and flexible for severely handicapped persons to make them feel more comfortable at home.

We call this technical process the intelligent socket as it is meant to improve the quality of life in living spaces and houses.

We focus on safety and efficient energy use based on interlinked and remote-controllable devices.

With the intelligent power socket, all devices at home can be switched on and off with the remote control with the touch of a button, which makes everyday life easier and saves trouble and energy.

Following the further development of the intelligent socket, it is also possible to set the devices in a way that they can be switched on and off automatically. For example windows are opened automatically at 7am, the music is played automatically or the bathroom prepares a hot shower in which the water temperature is automatically adjusted.

The development of the Intelligent Power Socket is divided into several effective main tasks. These are modeling, electronics, Arduino, programming and app development.

During the development, each task was performed several times, as by completing our tasks we gained new insights, which allowed us to remove several errors and implement further progress.

More details about the project can be found in the wiki of the HRW FabLab:

“Embedded Systems” was developed as part of the Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 project. On the project website of Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 you will find more detailed information about the project as well as an overview of all results from “Embedded Systems”:

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