EL⁴ for people with impairments

One of the goals of the project is the development of individualized assistance systems for people with disabilities. We want to develop and implement these together with the users and thus support them in everyday life and in their workplace. We want to facilitate the fulfillment of existing tasks and provide access to new fields of work. We want to participate in the workplace design of tomorrow.

We also want to create a space to make the digital world more accessible for  people with special need. Our focus is the access to individual assistance systems. By acquiring and strengthening digital skills, we want to empower people to participate in the development of these assistance systems.

For this purpose, the University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West is to be extended by a mobile FabLab in the future, which reaches the people at their home.
At the same time, the barrier-free possibilities in the FabLab of the university are being steadily expanded.