Circuit boards for the interactive play “Sign Here”

Circuit boards for the interactive play “Sign Here”

The new production of the Berlin game-theatre collective machina eX enters a terrain that most people only enter involuntarily. A bureaucracy simulation full of incomprehensible signs, in which everything is recognizable, but still nothing is familiar. The audience gets involved and has to fight against regulations, paragraphs and special requirement declarations.  The only help through this world of signs is a reading device that is particularly good at mixing up letters and leaving out vowels.

This is where the FabLab of the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences comes in.

The circuit boards that animate the machine behind “Sign Here” were assembled and baked here in a relaxed atmosphere.

Planning and preparation
The finished boards

Especially the point that illiteracy can be simulated with the help of our readers, is certainly worth mentioning in the EL4 context.

Further information about the interactive play “Sign here” can be found here:

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