Results course “Embedded Systems”
Single project 5/17

The Cardmaster EXTREME is a device that is designed to assist physically impaired persons to play card games without the help of others. Cards are dealt out individually thus making them easier to grasp – in contrast to picking them up from decks – and are turned to the player. The card is dealt out by giving a hand signal. About 3/4 of the card is given out, so that the card can be easily grabbed (after consultation with our user Sebastian). Turning the device is done by pushing a button. Whether the device turns 180 °, 120 ° or 90 ° depends on the number of players. This can be specified at the beginning of each game in the accompanying app.

The difficulties motor impaired people are facing with lifting up cards of a deck have been made clear to Katharina by the stories of a speech therapist who is working with physically handicapped children. At this point the idea was born to develop this device for impaired persons that would make it easier to grab the cards and thus integrate them fully in the game.

More details about the project can be found in the wiki of the HRW FabLab:

“Embedded Systems” was developed as part of the Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 project.
On the project website of Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 you will find more detailed information about the project as well as an overview of all results from “Embedded Systems”:

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