Assistive ultrasonic distance measurement for wheelchairs

Assistive ultrasonic distance measurement for wheelchairs

Results course “Embedded Systems
Single projekt 14/17

Distanzmessung für Rollstühle

The main system, a box with an Arduino, the power supply and a sensor, is placed under the foot rest of the wheelchair. It can be easily removed and replaced by means of circular hook-and-loop fasteners. All elements of the project are modular and are easy to attach, detach or replace. Additional sensors can be attached, the Arduino can be replaced and the power bank can be removed for charging or replacement.

The Arduino reads the values from the ultrasonic meter, calculates the distance and displays it on the LCD display. Additionally the RGB LED is lit in signal colors to visualize the danger of distance.

< 5 cm → green light
5-10 cm → yellow light
> 10 cm → red lightt

More details about the project can be found in the wiki of the HRW FabLab:ür_Rollstühle

“Embedded Systems” was developed as part of the Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 project.
On the project website of Emscher-Lippe-hoch-4 you will find more detailed information about the project as well as an overview of all results from “Embedded Systems”:

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